Creating Blogs are just one f the thousands of ways to make friends and have fun on MyCDE!

The Use of Blogs-Edit

Blogs can be used for almost anything, meaning you can write a blog if you have a question, an idea to make MyCDE more fun, or just asking for a new friend :) Every time you make a blog you get .25 Cartoon Dollars! Yeah, I know it's not much, but hey! At least it's something, right?

Writing blogs is a great way to make friends! If you ask, Im sure on of the millinos of user on the site will send you a friend request :)

Steps on how to get to the "creat a blog" page-Edit

1. You have to have an account on MyCDE in order to do this!

2. Go to the left side of your account page and look under the "Community" collum untill you find a key and beside it is "blog"

3. Click on that and it should take you to a page where at the top it has a box that gives you 5're gonna want to click the one that says "Write New Blog Entry"

4. Think of a title for your blog!

5. Write your blog out!

6. click the "preview" button at the bottom of the page

7. If you have any adjustments to make or errors to correct, click "edit" or if you like the way your blog looks, click "publish" if you decided you dont want to write your blog hit "cancel"

If you publish your blog.....all you have to do is wait for the comment to start rolling in! :D